Ultrasound Lutz

Searching for where to get an ultrasound in Lutz or surrounding area? You’ve come to the right place online. Below is some information to help you determine if you need an ultrasound, if ultrasounds are safe and if they are really necessary. And the really good news is that there are locations close by that provide free and confidential ultrasounds that make the process much easier and cost effective for you.

Why do I need an ultrasound?

Ultrasound Near Lutz FL

There are several very good reasons to get one.  First, an ultrasound can provide you with confirmation that your pregnancy is in utero.  Your pregnancy test can be positive, but the pregnancy may not be in utero or viable. If no fetus can be seen, the pregnancy may have not progressed or there could be a misplaced pregnancy called an ectopic pregnancy.  Secondly, the development of the fetus seen on the scan will confirm your baby’s age or gestation and your due date.

Is an ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound scans are safe because they use sound waves to make an image.  No radiation is used. The person who performs an ultrasound scan is called a sonographer.  The sonographer uses a wand like device, called a transducer, that is placed on the abdomen. The images of the uterus and fetus show on the screen of the ultrasound machine.  These images are then captured as photographs.  You will be able to have copies of your ultrasound scan.  You will not need any special preparation other than drinking plenty of water and trying not to urinate right before your appointment. A full bladder makes the image of the uterus better.

I am thinking of having an abortion. Is having an ultrasound really necessary?

Abortion is a costly procedure and part of the cost is an ultrasound.  Before an abortion can be performed, Florida law requires a woman to receive an ultrasound to accurately determine the correct age of the fetus.  We offer a free ultrasound in the Lutz area performed by a licensed sonographer.  You can schedule a confidential appointment for your ultrasound by calling 813-406-4965.

When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, you may find yourself under pressure to make decisions that you are not ready to make or about which you are unsure. No one has the legal right to force you to make a decision that they want you to make.  Legally, you have the right to choose your pregnancy outcome. What are your choices?  You will make one of three parenting choices: raising your baby, adoption or abortion. You owe it to yourself to be fully informed about all of your options.  “Real empowerment comes when you find the strength and resources to make your best choice.” You can schedule a confidential appointment for your ultrasound by calling 813-406-4965.

We believe that all women have a right to factual pregnancy and parenting information presented in a caring and compassionate manner, regardless of the choice they will ultimately make. You can learn about the medical effects of carrying a child to term as well as the effects of abortion.  You also have access to free confidential counseling. Our trained counselors offer information about each of your options and can support you through the process of making your best decision. Being fully informed to make decisions about your future is your first step to taking charge of your own health and well-being. Call 813-406-4965 for more information about getting your free ultrasound.