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Adoption Info

A Courageous Parenting Option

Your pregnancy was unplanned. You do not feel ready to be a parent.  You may be concerned that you cannot provide for your child.  Abortion is not the only parenting solution available to you.


Truth vs Myth

One of the myths surrounding adoption is that your child will grow up thinking you “gave her away.”  The real truth is adoption gives you and your child a future filled with hope and life.

  1. You will have time to plan for your child’s best future.
  2. You can choose the adoptive parents.
  3. You will have the memory of giving birth and giving life.
  4. You and your child can have the opportunity to know one another if you desire.
  5. You will not have to parent before you are ready.
  6. You can continue to pursue your education or career.

At Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, we can connect you with vetted, quality agencies that make the interests and care of birth mothers a priority.  You can interview these agencies and choose which one feels right to you. Request an appointment today with one of our trained client advocates to discuss this courageous option.