Ultrasound Land O Lakes

Oasis Pregnancy Care Center is pleased to offer free (limited) ultrasounds in Land O Lakes.

Initial Intake Visit

The first step to scheduling your ultrasound is an initial intake visit. Your initial intake can be done either the Land O Lakes or Wesley Chapel location. Feel free to choose the location closest to you!

At your initial visit, a pregnancy test may be conducted. If you’ve already confirmed your pregnancy at a doctor’s office and have a confirmation, we can skip the test.

During the initial visit, we’ll:

  • Assess your situation
  • Calculate how far along you are
  • Provide options counseling
  • Connect you with any additional resources that you need

After the initial intake visit, your free ultrasound will be scheduled.

What to Expect at Your Ultrasound

On the day of your ultrasound, you’ll meet with our sonographer, who will provide an overview of the simple and easy non-invasive abdominal ultrasound process.

If you bring a family member or friend with you to your appointment, they will be able to join you after you speak privately with the sonographer.

Viable Pregnancy

Did you know that it’s possible to have a positive pregnancy test and have already miscarried? Statistics show that one out of four pregnancies ends in miscarriage.

During the ultrasound, we’ll confirm whether your pregnancy is viable. A viable pregnancy means that you have a fetus with a heartbeat.

The ultrasound service is available to you whether you choose to parent, adopt or abort and is for your initial ultrasound only. If you’ve already had an ultrasound, additional ones are not available.

To schedule your free (limited) ultrasound in Land O Lakes, please call (813) 406-4965.