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How Can I Deal With My Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is simultaneously the most exciting, intimidating, and terrifying feeling for many women. Some pregnancies occur unexpectedly, putting women through states of panic and stress (which is not healthy for the little one).

Other pregnancies are planned by the couple, however for those “first-time mothers,” it’s easy to feel a little anxious about what’s to come, how life will change, and financial planning for the child. Not to mention all of the dreaded symptoms that women must endure before giving birth.

So what are some ways that will help you deal with your pregnancy better? Regardless if it’s planned or unplanned, one of the best ways to prepare for motherhood (or termination procedures) is to research your best options.
This research is possible through a useful tool called an ultrasound.

Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging test that helps women view their ovaries through high-intensity sound waves. Ultrasounds help to further confirm pregnancies, can tell if one has miscarried, and keep an eye on the baby’s health throughout the pregnancy.

Ultrasounds can also help diagnose conditions of the mother or baby that might help one decide what will happen after the baby is born. In other cases, mothers may be diagnosed with a condition that will lead them to terminate the pregnancy.

So, if you’ve recently received a positive pregnancy test in Dade City and are looking for the next steps in your parenthood journey, you’ve come to the right place. 

Oasis Pregnancy Care Center Has An Office Located In Dade City

Oasis Pregnancy Care Center has a full support team to assist all women on their pregnancy journey and has an office located in Dade City, Florida.

Oasis prides itself in providing free ultrasounds for women to gather information on their baby, and guide them in the correct steps. This will help to ease feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or frustrations.

In addition, our counselors and volunteers provide a stable support system for mothers dealing with issues such as being a single parent, lessening persistent pregnancy symptoms, preparing for an unplanned baby, and the adoption process.

You’re Prepared For Motherhood

After receiving a free ultrasound and having gone through our various courses, you’ll finally have peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for your baby’s arrival.

All the feelings that you once felt after receiving your positive pregnancy test will gradually disappear and be replaced with pure joy and excitement. Congratulations on your journey to motherhood!

If you’re pregnant or in need of ultrasound in the Dade City area, please contact Oasis Pregnancy Care Center at (352) 534-5003 to schedule an appointment.