Adoption Land O Lakes

Are you in the Land O’ Lakes area and have suddenly found yourself pregnant and alone? Has the guy you thought was going to be with you forever left you at the first mention of a baby? You may find yourself broke, with no job, and no family to help you. You may want to go to college, but you can’t do it and raise a child.

The entire experience of being pregnant can be difficult with support, but being alone and pregnant can be terrifying? The changes to your body, the nausea, and mood swings may seem too much to overcome by yourself. Your friends tell you to get an abortion, you have no other choice, your life will be ruined otherwise. You may not want to have an abortion, but you don’t know where to begin when considering adoption over abortion.

Perhaps it is the father who wants you to get an abortion, pressuring you to get rid of the baby because it’s what he wants, not you. What your boyfriend or friends may not know is that abortion is a surgical procedure that can cause permanent damage to the mother, leaving you unable to have more children. Excessive bleeding and permanent nerve damage are some of the other complications that may occur when an abortion is performed. Even knowing the risks, abortion may seem like the only way out of your situation. Some people may even make abortion sound virtuous, not knowing that guilt and depression often follow abortion.

Oasis Pregnancy Care Center offers education on all options for your pregnancy outcome including the loving choice of adoption. Deciding your pregnancy outcome is a decision you will remember for the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to learn what you need to know. It may seem like you are all alone with nowhere to turn, but that is not the case. We understand that the entire experience of being young and pregnant is a daunting task. Our caring and professional staff will help to alleviate your fears. We offer referrals to vetted adoption professionals who can meet you at our location for initial interviews. Call us today at 813-406-4965.